• In a 9 to 2 decision the 10th Circuit Court of appeals has ruled in favor of Kane County and against the Wilderness Society, SUWA, and other "environmental" organizations. The case has been somewhat controversial and some liberal legal scholars have said the County will never win. Well they were SO wrong!
  • On August 30, 2010, in a Kane County quiet title suit in the United States District Court, the United States acknowledged Kane County's ownership and jurisdiction of approximately 26 miles of the 33 mile long Skutumpah road. The County will start signing, maintaining and repairing the road today.
  • Watch some video clips on important events and rallies that are going to take place and have already taken place to get you up to speed on the public land situations.
  • "Wilderness" is the word the environmentalist's hide behind when they are trying to close our public lands to recreation.


  • The federal government controls nearly 65 percent of the land in the state of Utah, as opposed to states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York or Virginia where the Federal Government controls less than 2% of the total land mass of those states.
  • Utah has 52,696,960 acres of land, and a staggering 33,258,253 acres of federal land 63%.